My Favorite Christy Moments– the 80s and 90s

These pictures were taken during the many years we lived in Ashland Ohio, which in most ways were great years. You can see from the pictures Christy’s joie d’vivre. She loved life, and she was a good big sister to David. The last picture is of her with Pastor Mitchell when she was confirmed after two years of catechism. Today, August 14th, would have been Christy’s 34th birthday. It is very hard to accept she is gone. But I am truly thankful for what a wonderful blessing she was to so many people, including me in particular. I remember one day going jogging while I was pastoring in Coleridge N.C. I had not noticed but Christy had slipped out the door of the house and come running after me. Ira Chilton saw her going down the road, stopped her car and picked her up and took her back home. She just wanted to be with her Dad. I remember a Sunday at Concord UMC in Coleridge where she escaped Sunday school and came running down the aisle during the 11 o clock service and lept up into my arms while I was preaching on on 1 John and the fact that God is love. I had enough sense to stop the sermon by saying— “and here is the very illustration of unconditional love”. I sure miss that from her.

Thank you Jesus once more for the gift of Christy. It is a gift that keeps on giving. I am so thankful for her life, but I miss her something fierce. Amen.

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  • Rick

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  • revbetty

    Special memories. Special day. Extra special prayers said for you and yours today.

  • Beth

    Many prayers coming your way on this bittersweet day…

  • pastordt

    Thank you for this, sir. A precious glimpse at a wonderful person who left this earth too soon. Praying for sweet remembrances and the refreshment of tears today.

  • Stephen Kenney

    May God comfort you with memories of the past and hope for the future