The New Sherlock Season Lurks….

Finding Jesus— Reboot
Finding Jesus– Review of Part One
Uncommon Sense— Part One
Uncommon Sense– Part Two
  • Oscarspicks

    I was slightly disappointed in the last “season” of Sherlock and have been spoiled by the US version renamed “Elementary”. Sure, the BBC version is truer to the A.C. Doyle writings but the slowness of the BBC production (5 episodes a is SEASON? C’mon!) is a real hindrance to creating an enthusiastic following.

  • pastordt

    FIVE episodes? I think I only saw 3 last season. . . And yes, I wish they could do more. But you know what? I’ll take whatever they pull together and just watch them more than once. Voila! A longer season.

  • terry fry

    It’s only 3 episodes. You also have to remember the people behind Sherlock are also behind Dr. Who.