A Sentimental Journey Back Home– Part Two

In the middle of North Carolina, in about a 50 square mile radius are dozens and dozens of potters all fired up to give you beautiful pots, plates, jars, cups, and much more, made out of the indigenous clay that undergirds the region. The Seagrove region includes little places like Why Not and the appropriately named Jugtown, and it is to the last of these we go first, because it’s my favorite of all the pottery shops in the area, and you will soon see why. Jugtown as it turns out is not really a town. In fact it pretty much boils down to a few houses, and if you want pottery or crockery, it boils down to the place you see above being swallowed by a healthy honeysuckle vine.

First of all, here are the nice ladies who run this beautiful shop and make such beautiful pottery—

(You should check out their stuff online)

Here are several pictures of their finely craft artistically pleasing wares—-

Now you can go into Seagrove itself. There are lots of good places to stop at—-

If you want to know the story of how all this really got going, you should start with the Ben Owen story and work down from there. But for my money and aesthetics… Jugtown is not going to pot, it’s properly throwing the pots 🙂

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