The Vatican Visit– Part One

It was a beautiful Saturday morning (Oct. 26th). The sky was a brilliant Carolina blue, it was in the 60sF with a light breeze, and everything was clear and clean and sharply in focus. You had to work at it to take a bad picture on this morning. Yuliya, our Russian daughter, and I had taken a taxi to the Vatican to arrive in time for: 1) the reception; 2) the final two papers at the conference on the Historical Jesus; 3) the lunch with the Pope; 4) the audience with Pope Francis in Salle Clementia in the Vatican; 5) the private tour of St. Peter’s, the crypt where Peter was buried, the art and sculpture galleries and the Sistine Chapel, followed by; 6) a gala final dinner. It would be a very full, rich day. A day to remember, indeed a day we would never forget.

When we got out of the taxi in St. Peter’s Square, the obelisk, the Bernini statues, the Michaelangelo Pieta etc. awaited us.

Even the Papal apartments glistened in the sun.

We were directed to the entrance on the far left side of St. Peter’s Square.

Of course there was plenty of security, and without wearing our conference badges they would not let us in. Security coming mainly in the form of the Swiss guards—

We passed one of the Vatican vehicles— something like a Papal Hum-V…

And here’s our Yuliya all dressed up, and looking fine, to meet the Pope on his own turf.

To be continued……

  • Joshua Hargrave

    Reminds me of my wife and I’s honeymoon in Rome, where we visited every catacomb and crypt possible. Blessings on your trip!

  • Marie Allen

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  • Allen Browne

    Ben, I hope you will tell us even a little smattering of #2 — “the final two papers at the conference on the Historical Jesus.” Thanks.

  • Despeville

    You are not much of a Protestant. About to convert?

  • BenW3

    You know I don’t usually respond to cowardly people who hide behind screen names so they don’t have to take responsibility for their snide, and unChristian remarks. But I’m calling you out Mr. Despeville, or whatever your real name is. I am in fact a thorough-going Protestant, and have always been so. I’ve been a devout Methodist all my life. Perhaps you have forgotten that there was an English Reformation, not just a Swiss and German one. And Perhaps you have forgotten that the largest single group of Protestants who evangelized America with the message of justification by grace through faith were in fact Methodists, helped by a goodly number of free-will Baptists. Before you go making personal judgments about me, or anyone else, you should do your homework. For example you should try reading several of my 50 books. Then we can have a conversation. In the meantime, perhaps you could meditate on what it means to be both Protestant and ecumenical, holding out the right hand of fellowship to Christians who are not like you. Lastly, you owe me an apology. I will await hearing from you. BW3