The Vatican Visit- Part Two

Once you are in the Vatican, you have to go to see St. Peter’s, one of the largest churches in the world. We may talk about mega-churches, but we have no idea. This is the mother church for four billion Catholics. Yes, I said billion. No Protestant denomination or even Orthodox one is even close in size. Yuliya and I were given permission to have 30 minutes in St. Peter’s by ourselves. The picture above is of course of Peter, who has a shiny left foot, from so many pilgrims rubbing it for luck. Of course you want to see Michelangelo’s Pieta while you are there as well, which resides in a glass enclosed chapel (due to the vandalism once done to the statue by a crazy person).

Even the view out the front door of the Cathedral is spectacular.

You are apt to get a major crick in your neck looking up in this huge Cathedral….

The central aisle leading up to the Bernini (twisted) columns and the high altar is spectacular as well…

Then there are the interesting frescoes and even strange art hanging over some of the doors…

And that’s just the inside of it……

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  • Richard H

    4 billion? Is that counting the dead & future Catholics also?

  • BenW3

    The dead yes, the future ones no. There are perhaps 1.5 billion Catholics alive today….

  • Derrick Murphy

    St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful buildings in one of the most fantastic cities in the world. Honestly, my time there was probably one of the best times in my life. I can’t recommend Rome highly enough.