The Vatican Visit– Part Three

Why are these guys smiling? Well first let me tell you who they are– they are some of the few Protestants invited to Pope Benedict’s conference on the historical Jesus. There were, by my count, only four American Protestants invited, all Evangelicals— from left to right you see Darrell Bock from Dallas, Eckhard Schmidt (not an American!) Paul Anderson from George Fox, and yours truly from Asbury. Of these, only Paul and I were asked to do papers (two Canadians Protestants were also asked— Stan Porter and Craig Evans). Back to why these guys are smiling. It’s not just because the last day of the conference was in the Vatican— for instance here is the reception hall and the beautiful new St. Paul aula (lecture hall)

Of course the real reason these guys are smiling is because they would soon have an audience with this nice gentleman in white…

But first a private tour of the crypt of St. Peter, of the art of the Vatican, and of the Sistine Chapel was in order….. stay tuned.

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