Roma Aeterna– Part Three

If you are going to spend all day at Pompeii (and Herculaneum), you need a break now and again, and something cold to drink. So we stop at the instant fresh orange juice machine, and Yuliya made us some juice. We also stopped at the cameo shop as well. There is a large industry in and around Napoli, making beautiful cameos out of conch shells.

But where would you go in antiquity to eat in Pompeii? Well there were food stands of sorts, soup counters really built into the front of houses, for instance like this one…

Notice the fresco at the end of the lunch counter… so, yes, they had fast food in those days.

Here’s one more soup counter from Pompeii to compare to the first one…

After lunch you might well go to the ‘gymnasium’/baths not to work out but to sweat out— Here is one of the famous baths of Pompeii—

By way of reminder, there were three rooms in a bath, with 3 temps of water–hot, tepid, and cool, or as they called it cauldarium, tepidarium, and frigidarium.

But suppose you were just in port, and didn’t know where to find the baths? Well in fact there were shop signs, for example like this one, with big red letters….

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