Roma Aeterna– Part Seven

There are a variety of great museums in and around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. One of them is the Capitoline Museum, and this post is about that museum and what is in it…. for example the original symbol of Rome– Romulus and Remus being suckled by a wolf (no, this is not the origin of the recent ‘Dawn’ werewolf movies).

And this beats the replica everyone sees on top of the same hill where the museum is…

And while we are talking humans and animals bonding, here is a statue of a warrior in the museum…

And while we have the men in unusual poses theme, here’s another one—

We also have big headed Emperors (and which emperor didn’t have a big head), in this case Constantine…with and without lots of hair.

This is perhaps my favorite item in the museum, the famous statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius on his horse. And here’s a better look…

And here is a nice relief of the very same person and scene…

And while we are on the horse theme, how about a solid marble black horse sculpture..

There are some nice busts of patrician women…giving some good clues about ancient hair styles.

And there are the usual representations of female beauty in marble (When asked what’s in the museum, the response was– ‘we have busts of women and women with busts’)

What you generally do not have is representations of women or men who were busts, or ordinary, or poor. Sculpture was something only the rich could afford, except occasionally in funerary art… such as we see here…
This is an image of a woman mourning at a gravesite.

Here is a fine sarcophagus—-

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