Arrivederci Roma!

What a fantastic week it was in Italy, and lots of good memories created. In this final post, I offer a few parting shots, of a positive sort….

Here’s a nice spooky shot from within the villa of mysteries at Pompeii.

Or here’s Yuliya at Trevi Fountain holding her autograph card of Pope Francis…
And then a family shot of us there taken by a vendor..

And for those who want a wider angle shot of the whole fountain….

Or how about a shot of more of Raphael’s work in the vatican, here of God…

Or how about the evening golden light on the cornice of the national museum…

One more different shot of the little boy and the boar in Orvieto, at the Mushroom and truffle store (tartuffi) is worth it…

Here is the Pope in a contemplative moment checking his to do list….obviously a long one!

Here are three nuns smiling at me outside the monastery pensione where we stayed.

I almost forgot we went to a Leonardo da Vinci special exhibit in the basement of the main church in the Piazza del Popolo… a few shots here of that…

Here are replicas of two of the man’s flying machines…
Or how about Leonardo amazing anatomy drawings..complete with detailed notes in mirror writing!

But perhaps my favorite picture of all…. is this one at the national gallery…. a girl in love with art, fulfilling her dreams of seeing the originals of the great masters.

Arrivederci Roma—- we shall return!

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