Into India— Part One

I went off to India near the beginning of January to teach for a few weeks and see a few sites, since I’ve never been there before. Because the Christian college I was teaching at has had legal problems due to harassment from Hindus, I’ll not be mentioning the name of the school. But you’ll hear about those activities in a later post.

Perhaps it will be well to share a few facts. India is the world’s largest democracy…. by a lot. It has a billion and a half people in a land mass smaller than the continental U.S. Not to mention all the elephants and Brahma Bulls and monkeys etc. The bulls and monkeys can be seen wandering down various streets, highways, etc. since they are sacred (as in holy cows), to the Hindus. You don’t find any burgers made of beef, even at McDonalds in cities in the northeast and northwestern parts of India (the northeast is Hindu central). Christians only make up about 3% of the huge population of this country. It is also a country of some fifteen different languages, Hindi being the major one besides English, and Sanskrit being the script used to write out Hindi. It’s an alphabetic language. I was surprised at how many different tribal groups there were as well as how many languages. It is also a remarkably fertile land with things like rice and sugar cane growing the whole year. While it was in the 70s in January, it will be 100 by May and June, and then July and August the monsoons show up. Yikes. We did have two full days of rain, but otherwise it was nice.

Here are a few pictures of vegetables and fruit (and yes those are red carrots), rice and sugar cane, and some colorful shoes and clothes.

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