Into India– Part Four

Yes that’s me with my doctoral student Jason Myers, who went with me to teach at what is perhaps India’s largest theological college, with 250 undergraduates. It was Taste of India Saturday, with proceeds going to various worthy student causes. Notice in the background– KFC, something all Kentuckians know well…. only in this case it stands for Kerala (a region in India) Food Court, and the food was decidedly not from Colonel Sanders.

Here are some of our students smiling and preparing some spicy dishes….

Here are our disc jockeys blasting out the Christian rock all morning and afternoon. And below more smiling students who had cooked up massive pots of rice and spicy pork…

It was a beautiful day, about 70 degrees, and there were about eight booths where one could sample food from the various regions of India….. almost all of which involved spices which were too much for this dude, but yes I tried a couple of the more mild dishes. Our best meal whilst there actually was at a Tibetan Restaurant called the Orchard, where we had spring rolls, fried rice, dumplings with spiced spice, and chicken in peanut sauces all of which was delicious.

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