Into India— Part Eight

When you are taken to Agra, its not just to see the Taj Mahal (though that is goal number one) but also to see several other impressive examples of Moghul architecture including the tomb of Ahkbar, the fort of Ahkbar (actually out in the country between Agra and Jaipur), and the red fort. In this post we will be examining the famous— red fort, which in fact is one part palace, one part fort, one part mosque.

If you ask what makes the red fort red…. well its that incredible red sandstone that can be found in various places in India. If you don’t like red, you will have to look away when it comes to this blog post.

And here is what detailed inlay work with red sandstone and marble looks like—

So now you can see why you need these boys to guard these priceless architectural treasures…

I want one of those turbins with the red feather!

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