Into India– Part Nine

While I was at the Christian college in northern India, I was asked to help break ground on a new building for the students studying at the International Language and Linguistics Institute which is housed at this college. There, Wycliffe folk teach students to translate the Bible into the some fifteen languages of India…. I was also fortunate enough to be there for Federal Day. India became a proper independent constitutional democracy in 1950— which is depressing, as it means I’m almost as old as this huge nation. The pictures are from the ground-breaking ceremony, and also from the Federal Day ceremony…

(notice the Hindu wheel of life on the flag).

Here are students leading the federal day ceremony, complete with national anthem and pledge of allegiance…

I have discovered that there is a way to speed up the educational process in India. You can have your doctoral degree delivered— by Pizza Hut!

If only it were that easy (note to Asbury doctoral students. Don’t get any ideas…. I’m not an Indian giver when it comes to PhDs :).

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