Into India— Part Eleven

Forts doubled as palaces for the Moghul dynasty. As residences, there were special quarters built for the Shah’s various wives. Both the red fort in Agra, and the fort/palace 20K outside of Agra share a similar construction, made of red sandstone. The Red Fort appears more like a fort, the other fort of Akbar, more like a palace with gates. In this post we look at the latter.

This is the gentleman you meet as you enter this fort/palace.

In order to get there you had to pass a lot of loaded vehicles on the road, such as this one…

The journey along dirt roads and roads with major pot holes is well worth it once one arrives. One notices immediately the spacious nature of the grounds inside the walls.

On this day it was quite foggy, adding an air of mystery to our tour.

The ghosts of the past Moghul rulers seemed present on this morning.

There were sacred pools, and elaborate columns.

The intricate carvings on the walls, always non-human images since this is a Muslim building, were beautiful….

The sun may have set on the Moghul Empire, but not on the art and architecture it contributed to India’s rich heritage.

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