Into India– Part Twelve

Monumental tombs are few and far between in America. Even Presidents don’t have tombs like that of Akbar in Agra as a moments glance at the site will show you. For example, look at this peak through the entrance way….

Or this angled shot…

And once you are inside, you realize that the gate is even more impressive than the actual mausoleum,

More interesting is the detailed artisan work around the entrance to the gates…

Or around the entrance to the tomb…. once again offering a combination of red sandstone and marble…

Like the Taj Mahal, the grounds around the tomb are gorgeous, and there are various birds and gazelles and monkeys to watch if you care to do so….

Of course the major irony in all this, is that these well kept monumental tombs that are centuries old have made sure that the person in question, or at least the tomb that honors them, is more famous in death than these persons were, even in life. People come from all over the world to see these sites. They are world heritage UNESCO sites, even among the seven wonders of the modern world in the case of the Taj Mahal. One has to say, this is an unsatisfactory kind of immortality, being outlasted and out reputed by ones tomb! I’d rather have plain old everlasting life Christian style.

There is however a great deal of art to be appreciated in such tombs as the next two shots will confirm.

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