Into India— Part Thirteen

Heading back to the Taj Mahal for a last look, my mind was full of impressive images. Passing a sugar cane field on the left, and a overloaded wagon on the right, our drive zipped right back into the heart of Agra….a town crawling with tourists, even in January.

You pass the ever present vendors hawking things on the street, in this case hot roasted peanuts!

Some sites do not dim with time, or become less impressive with age….

The Taj borders right on the major river that runs through Agra, and so you can go on the terrace behind the tomb and simply enjoy the view…

Me personally, I was more interested in looking at the artistic detail, I can see rivers anywhere…

But before we close the door on our India adventure and offer final reflections…

we have one more temple to see, a brand new Hindu temple in Delhi, called Akshardham.

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