The Gospel of Jesus– Kindle Edition

O.K. Kindle hounds, you now have another good offering available to you from yours truly– The Gospel of Jesus. One could call this Ben’s Diatesseron, if you know what that is. Many centuries ago, Tatian, a church father sought to combine the stories in the four Gospels to provide one seamless narrative. That is not quite what this is— this is the singular oral story behind the various Gospel tellings of the life of Jesus, as I have reconstructed it. So, it involves both historical reconstruction and it involves retelling various of the familiar Gospel stories, in many cases virtually verbatim. I have sought to fill in some of the gaps in the story, and reposition some of the stories to places where they make the best sense historically and chronologically. Obviously the biggest difficulty was figuring out how to combine the Johannine portrait which is different with the Synoptic portraits which are very similar. See what you think of the outcome. Please note that this is not an attempt to fictionalize the life of Jesus– I’m doing historical reconstruction of the STORY told for many years behind the written stories we call Gospels. This then is not something like G. Theissen’s excellent little attempt at fiction called The Shadow of the Galilean. Enjoy! BW3

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