The Pilgrimage: Israel Part Four

Ah the Sea of Galilee, especially at sunrise and sunset its beautiful. If you can’t get inspired there, you are a pilgrim without a pulse.

(moonrise over the Golan from the Tiberias side, through the map of the lake).

(sunrise over the Golan).

From Megiddo we went north to Tiberias, and made that our base camp for several nights running. There’s a lot to see up there. The sea of Galilee is of course misnamed. It is not even a lake as big as Lake Cumberland here in Kentucky. It’s only 33 miles long and 13 miles wide at the longest and widest points. It is however the largest body of fresh water, fed by the springs of the Jordan, anywhere in the whole region. Needless to say, Israel has major water problems, and so does Jordan. As of today it has been announced that Jordan and Israel will be co-operating and building a pipeline 110 miles from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. Otherwise, the Dead Sea will become like the salt flats of Nevada.

When you get to Galilee (which should really be the Galilee) you realize that the ‘sea’ has three names Kinneret (meaning the harp presumably from the shape of it), Tiberias (after the Emperor), and Galilee. Fishing still goes on in the Sea of Galilee, but not as much as the past. They’ve gone to fish farming. But you can still have a nice piece of St. Peter’s fish if you de-bone it. Here are a few shots of boats on the sea, and me and my honey.

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