Reading and Understanding the Bible– A Guide for the Perplexed


Every student of the Bible at some point has ended up scratching his or her head over some passage, and saying— What?????? Usually, this problem is created by one of two factors: 1) the failure to understand what kind of literature one is reading, hence bringing various mistaken notions and expectations to the text, and 2) the failure to understand the considerable cultural differences between the Biblical cultures and our own modern ones. In this new guide for interpreting the Bible we deal with both the context and the content in a way that makes interpreting the Biblical text much easier. The student is taken through a process that can lead to reading and understanding even the most complex texts in the Bible, such as the book of Revelation.

If you were looking for a guide to interpretation that is readable for lay persons, clergy, seminary students, and basically everyone, this is the book for you. It will be available Nov. 4th on Amazon, but I strongly suggest you place your orders now—- as Oxford believes it’s going to be picked up by a lot of schools as a textbook for Intro to the Bible, Intro Hermeneutics and related courses.

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