Logos Course on all of Johannine Literature Going Live!

I have taped a full course on Johannine literature (the Gospel the Epistles, the Revelation). The course is listed as NT221, and here is a link to it. I bring this up now, because the pre-order price is much cheaper than when it goes live on Nov. 14th, so this is your window of opportunity to get it not only while it is hot, but before it becomes more expensive…… Here’s the info….

The product page is here: https://www.logos.com/product/42481/mobile-ed-nt221-the-wisdom-of-john-a-socio-rhetorical-commentary-on-johannine-literature.

The pre-order price is $294.95, and will go up to its regular price of $489.95 on 11/14 when it goes live.

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