Aha! Praha– The Prague Report Part Two


I’m hoping that it will not come as a great shock to you that there are two sides to the Vtlava/Moldau river, and in Praha one side has more of the old city…see above and one side has more of the new city….

So to get around in this very large city of 1.25 million people, we took the usual trams…
praha3 Walking tours are grand, but man cannot live on touring alone, so we stopped for a nice lunch in an old Czech restaurant which served— wait for it, pork butt on a spit!
The Czech version of barbecue… I should say first however that we passed on the crocodile sandwiches….

Never go to a sandwich place where they misspell the meat in the sandwich…
or where they have this guy advertising on the street for the restaurant!

Also, do not accept sardines that have been swimming in a skull tank!

Go instead to a traditional Czech restaurant where they serve pork butt, and traditional goat beer!
praha7 Yes, they say that beer will really get your goat 🙂 But back to pork butt… and no more ifs and ands….

Here’s the menu if you prefer another Czech delicacy.

The restaurant was subterranean, and quite quaint….
They also offered traditional cheeses etc.

No cholesterol here, no sirree. After all that I needed a capuccino a large one….

Then having ‘pigged out’, it was time to walk it all off.

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