Gas Station/Gast Haus

Ever been to a truck stop? Ever sampled the food there. Well let me tell you, the truck stops on the interstate in Austria are a horse of a different color. Yes, you can get gas there, of both sorts. Admittedly, the old gasthaus gang was a little rustic. gast

Well, they don’t look that way any more. Not at Landzeit toll road plazas! And as for the food they serve… it’s all top drawer, as the British would say…. and then there are the fruits and desserts……..unlikely anything a truck stop or toll road plaza in America has every offered… for example…..

Or hows about some gast-ronomic gelato?

Or shall we let them eat cake?

Or if you are exercising admirable restraint, and just need some fresh air now that you are off the bus for a bit, how about the view out on the back porch of this pit stop….

Can you hear Julie Andrews singing ‘The hills are alive’….. in fact this is the region where the Sound of Music was filmed, and next up I will show you the little mountain village where Mozart’s mother was from…..

I think you get the picture!

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