A Permanent Solution


Everything wears out,
It all fades away,
Even time passes
Day by day.

Nothing lasts,
For very long,
Your favorite food,
Your favorite song.

We grow weary,
Tired of routine
Let’s be honest,
And just come clean.

Our fear is evident
That it will be true
That we are not permanent
Like all things new.

We visit the graveyards
Where our loved ones lie
We wonder what it’s like
To suddenly die.

Is death another change
Another temporary thing
That happens in Fall
And is reversed in Spring?

Disease, decay, death
Suffering, sin, sorrow,
What good is the preaching
If there is no tomorrow?

Perhaps in our search,
For the everlasting
We’ve looked in the wrong place,
A sort of type casting.

Think for a moment
Of the most powerful force
Like gravity, like love
It’s invisible, of course.

Love changes behavior
Gravity’s there every day,
We don’t see it aging,
Or passing away.

Like the wind we don’t see
Only feel its effects
So the Spirit of God
The transient checks.

The temporal is temporary
Time marches on
But the mercy of God
Is new every dawn.

We look not to things seen,
To grasp what lasts
Trust the wind in the sail,
Cling closely to the mast.

For the mast is the Master
And the wind is his Spirit
There is an everlasting song
If we would but hear it.

Nov. 14, 2014

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