Viennese Torte and Retort

Vienna is a town of endless cafes, restaurants, sweet shops, curiosity shops, and culture of all sorts. For example…..

Even Mozart is trying to talk you into eating sweets!! And if you don’t Mozart gives you his bitter beer face.

I’d be fibbing, ala Pinnochio, if I told you these desserts weren’t good….tort34ctort12

Shoot there is even a Mozart cafe on the back side of the opera house which will serve you these things..and a Viennese coffee….
tort13 tort17 tort21

This cafe is also right across from the Albertina art museum (see the previous posts) where you can even find unique creations by Max Ernst….

While you’re sitting at the Mozart cafe you are liable to see anything…. like…. a pink copy of the Durer rabbittort23

And not far from that pink rabbit is this green one which sits on top of the bratwurst stand…. can you say Vienna sausage? I knew you could.
However there is no fooling this dog, he knows that rabbit’s fake….

If the Mozart is not your cup of coffee, you can always go to the Einstein which a kind of combo bar, sidewalk cafe, and restaurant. Turns out, Einstein actually lived in this building and was here at about the same time as Freud and Marx. Obviously, a lot of serious talk happened in the cafes here in the 1930s.

The Einstein was only three blocks from our hotel, so we hung out there and took in the ambiance of cafe life in old Vienna

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