Saltzburg– Part Four

Seeing the street life of a town is always fun, and in this case it included street artists, chess players, illusionists, puppeteers, and musicians!

Yes that guy really is hovering in air…..nothing under him holding him up…

Make no bones about it, this guy wanted money! And this guy was near by as well…. pointing to a money pail….
saltz66 You have to ask yourself, is painting yourself silver really worth the silver you get from observers???

I’d rather play giant chess!

If that doesn’t amuse you, you can always study the thermograph, or the barometer, or the earthquake meter, or…..

Or just walk around and look up at the castle and monastery above….
saltz69saltz70 That’s a heck of a sliding board there on that hill….


No matter where you turned in this town, it was quite impossible not to hear ‘Eine Klein Macht Musik’ and to run into the legacy of Mozart..

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