What’s Wrong with America?– Bill Clinton Offers some Analysis


As we head to the New Year, one thing we need more of in America is thoughtful discussion on major issues that trouble our society. We need less polemics, less propaganda, less shouting, less shock jocks on radio or TV, less ideologically driven news from whatever perspective, and more real dialogue, rather than posturing.

Here is a link to a thoughtful discussion on race and guns and related matters by former President Clinton. In my view, he’s right about this. The proliferation of guns and stand your ground laws in America have not led to a safer society, but to a more dangerous one, especially when one considers how many sick people not to mention how many sinful people there are out there who are likely to be trigger happy if they have too ready access to guns. There is the further problem of course that even those who should be carrying guns, the police, abuse the carrying privilege from time to time as well.

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