Went Fishin’, Caught Four Deer

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, especially when you are dealing with things that go on in Alaska, ‘the final frontier of America’. So a Mr. Satre went fishin… minding his own business (a story told originally to the Sitka Gazette, an Alaskan newspaper). He did not get very far out into the water, which by the way was very deep, when he saw this—-


Yep, that’s four deer dog paddling their way straight towards the boat. They needed a ride. So Mr. Satre, being the accommodating type said ‘dear me,’ and opened up the back gate to his boat—-

Sure enough, they all scrambled on board, sat down, and gave a thank you look to Mr. Satre.

Now these were completely wild deer, and very cold and shivering deer. Having been to Alaska, I can vouch that the water is really cold, especially in winter and spring.

There was a baby deer amongst the four, and he frankly was exhausted and having trouble getting up, when the boat parked at the dock. The other three simply walked off the boat and into the woods. So here’s Mr. Satre helping the little guy make it to land….

Of course they took a little break on the dock, before they wandered off into the woods….

Even in the final frontier, nature is in distress, because we have messed things up royally, and contributed to climate change, shrinking habitats, and the like. Kudos to my buddy Harold Black who sent me this story. When wild deer start swimming down a giant river or coastline and are prepared to leap onto a boat full of humans…… something is terribly wrong.

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