Adventures in Perfectville: Part Two

When you live by the ocean, and you have perfect weather, it goes to your head. I have the proof….. here are some San Diego Charger fans at the game against the Rams…..

All that Beach Boys music and perfect sunshine has intriguing effects, though it turns our the Beach Boys were not entirely truthful. While the beaches of Socal are alright, the water is consistently cold up and down the Pacific Coast. There is no Gulf Stream to warm it up. Hence it is rather like the warning my mother used to give me when I was in a store— ‘nice to look at but don’t touch it’ So, here’s the view….at sunrise from my hotel window….

In the downtown area, near the Gaslamp district there are lots of beautiful old Victorian hotels and venues to enjoy….
sd13 And in general there is a festive atmosphere with lots of dancing and partying to be observed or enjoyed. Even the hotels get into the act. I was sitting in a lecture and noticed suddenly the sign over the door in the ballroom where the lecture was being given— it said ‘maximum occupancy for dining 302, for dancing 647!’ Obviously dancing was to be preferred. Speaking of which, me and my Turkish and BAR buddies went to Cafe Sevilla (more than once) and ate, and watched the Flamenco guitarists and dancers…..sd13asd16sd14sd15

So you sit and sip your sangria, and clap to the music, and enjoy the art…..

Or you can just take another selfie with friends….

Speaking of art….. the next posts are about the San Diego art museum.

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