Snowmaggedon hits Kentucky just before Fat Tuesday

Snowmaggedon hits Kentucky just before Fat Tuesday March 12, 2015


Valentine’s weekend. Warm thoughts, cold everything else. Only we were headed to Boston for a long weekend and a conference. Except the blizzard came to town, and I don’t mean the DQ blizzard. We never got to Boston, and watching the Valentine’s Day massacre on the highways and byways around Boston, and the 79 freaking inches of snow pile up, we were glad we never got there. So….. instead, Boston came to us. Over a foot of dry powdery snow, and then of course single digits, and sub-zero temps the following days, to make sure not too much melted. Can’t have that. Now, Kentucky drivers are about as adept at driving in these conditions as Bostonians are at making sweet tea. It ain’t happening. So since New England came to the Bluegrass for a visit, here’s a few pictures of New England in the Bluegrass just so you can remember what it was like a month ago here.

The ducks are not on the pond (or in this case the creek) because it’s frozen over.

Below you see the view I had when I first opened the garage to shovel—

Don’t let anyone tell you that this much dry powdery snow isn’t heavy to shovel when you’re dealing with a foot in each scoop– it is!


Snowcreme for supper anyone?


‘I’m dreaming of a white Easter, just like the ones that cavemen knew…’

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