The Unbearable Brightness of Light

Timberlake 040


Sunrise thru stained glass
To see it thru the filter,
I can’t stare straight at the sun
But thru the window I have won
A glimpse of all God’s glory.

Patterns in the glass
Suggest an ordered world
As if the beauty so aloof
Requires a filter as the proof
That we can’t bear the vision.

Truth needs a mediator
For all things transcendent
Lest human mind
Be left behind
In quest to find life’s meaning.

But a window with a picture
Is still and all just glass
We need some real blood and flesh
To grasp God’s presence afresh
A Mediator to give meaning.

We see thru glasses darkly
Or in a mirror image
But Christos came
To take the blame
And truth became incarnate.

But still we look away
Because it’s so much easier
Ponder the odd
Avoid our God
Lest we find we’re like Him.

Somewhere on love’s horizon
A grand reunion planned
We’ll take our place
See face to face
And know as we are known.

For now we need stained glass
And a human mediator
Lest we go blind
With God in mind
Trying to glimpse the glory.


Feb. 22, 2015


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