Ben’s Books– Part Two


I’ve written a bunch of books about Jesus, between 1984 and now. My earliest publication was indeed Women in the Ministry of Jesus (Cambridge,1987)—

Obviously, this book did well because it was on a timely topic. The book I would most commend if the issue is ‘How did Jesus view himself’ is my The Christology of Jesus (Fortress 1990). coj This book is still used as a text, and it spawned two others with Fortress, Jesus the Sage and Jesus the Seer, both now recently refurbished with new covers. Neither of these books are just about Jesus, but set him in the wider contexts of the Jewish wisdom tradition and its development and the Jewish prophetic tradition and its development. jtsjtse These books are important because they emphasize the Jewishness of Jesus and situate him in the contexts of his proper Jewish traditions. They were both written in the 90s. So was my best-selling survey of the third quest for the historical Jesus called The Jesus Quest (IVP 1995). jq1

For those wanting more lay and Sunday School friendly distillations of that material I commend my On the Road with Jesus series two smaller volumes (with DVDs) published by Abingdon Press.

Many have found my Jesus, Paul, and the End of the World volume (IVP, from the 90s as well) very useful in examining the eschatologies of Jesus and Paul side by side. jpee

My two most publicized and used books involving Jesus are my Harper books, The Brother of Jesus featured on the recent CNN special, and What Have they Done with Jesus? both written in the earlier part of this century. Neither of them just deal with Jesus. The latter deals primarily with his earliest and most prominent male and female disciples, and the former deals with his family, especially James. boj

There’s more, but this must suffice for this post.

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