Ben’s Books– Part Four


I’ve written various introductions to the NT, and am in the process of writing an introduction to the Bible as a whole with Sandy Richter. We’ll focus on the former here. I’m very proud of my two recent Oxford books. They are some of the best summary work I’ve done. Invitation to the NT (Oxford 2012) has got all the maps, charts, and beautiful color pictures you want plus a treatment of the whole NT.


If on the other hand, you want more of a narratological Intro which deals with both the stories in the NT and the story of the NT, then The New Testament Story (Eerdmans) is the book for you. narrat

More recently I have offered Reading and Understanding the Bible (Oxford, 2014) is a guide to how to interpret all of the various genre and sorts of literature in the Bible, complete with a guide as to how to do contextual exegesis properly. It’s written at a level that college students and educated laity can certainly use it. benn

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