Ben’s Books– Part Five


I’ve written a lot of specialty books along the way, but one series I am especially pleased with are my Kingdom Perspectives books beginning with Imminent Domain. ID1

The whole premise of this series is for us to think backwards from the eschaton to now, and see the current situation in light of the future coming Kingdom. The first book in the series explores what the language of Kingdom actually means in the NT. The next book to read in the series is the book on worship, We Have Seen his Glory, from a Kingdom or eschatological perspective…
wors2. If you see worship from the new creation worship backwards, it changes things rather dramatically. Worship is not supposed to be focusing on us, and our needs and our feelings etc. That includes preaching too. It is supposed to be focused on God. And choosing a worship service should not be done on the consumer model of ‘where can I go to get the most out of it’. Rather we should ask where can I go to best serve the Lord.

The next book in the series is entitled Work, and it seems to have made the largest impact. Here we are dealing with everyday theology, the theology of the ordinary. worqq

All of the books thus far in the series have been done by Eerdmans, but the next one was done by Zondervan/Brazos Press, and is entitled Jesus and Money. It is a natural companion book to the book on work. money Very few Christians in America have any clue what the Bible calls for when it comes to money. In exploring the cycles of ordinary life we need to consider not just work and money, but rest, play, study, relating, sex etc. and the book entitled The Rest of Life deals with all those subjects and is once more an Eerdmans book. The final book in the series is a book about spiritual formation entitled A Shared Christian Life (Abingdon), and deals with the important premise that spiritual formation does not primarily happen in what we do alone, but primarily what we do together as the body of Christ. share. Quite naturally this prompted me to do a series on the Protestant sacraments, for Baylor Press, which is the subject of the next post.

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