Ben’s Books– Part Seven


I grow weary of the nonsense that has as its lead lament ‘there is no Trinity in the NT’. Actually there is. There is plenty on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit being part of the divine identity in the NT, and The Shadow of the Almighty demonstrates this. I wrote this with my friend and fellow Tar Heel and former Asbury student, Laura Michaels Ice. One of my more interesting theology books is the one entitled The Problem with Evangelical Theology. This book points out that among the various Evangelical theologies, all of them share one significant flaw— when they try to say something distinctive that varies from general orthodoxy on any given subject, it turns out to have poor or no proper exegetical support or involves a misreading of the Bible in various ways. problem

If you are interested in a careful study of the Christologies we find in the various books of the NT, then The Many Faces of the Christ is the book for you.
41vdBvaFigL We’ve already mentioned the detailed study The Indelible Image which comprehensively covers all of NT theology and ethics. I am happy to announce it will soon be out in an edited paperback edition, and so at a more reasonable price.

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