Chronological Snobbery

May2008 138

Chronological snobbery—it’s a fact

A sin of mind and act.

It relegates the past to the dustbin

And it will not retract.

It thinks the latest is the greatest,

And the new is the true,

No matter what naysayers

Say or do.

Chronological snobbery—it’s a crime.

‘dwell no more in the past it says,

leave it all behind.’

As if historical amnesia could set us free

Or myopia could help us see.

But those who ignore the past’s sins

Are doomed to repeat them… again and again

Chronological snobbery— it’s cock sure.

‘Face the future,

Fearless and you’ll endure’.

You can hear its mantra echo through our age…

‘Put on the Emperor’s new clothes

But the naked truth is…you’re no sage.

Chronological snobbery— the Eternal Now

As if time does not exist

And life is a plaything without meaning or gist.

But Boredom is a state of mind

For those lacking imagination,

They think the past passé

And pass judgment without hesitation.

Chronological snobbery—Time bandits prevail.

They bury the seven wonders

And put all history in jail.

Someday these bandits will be caught and tried

Someday the truth will out that they lied,

For we stand on the shoulders of those who went before

Which is why we see further and know more.

April 21, 2015

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