Small hand in a large hand
Trust and trustworthy
Son and a father
Journeying together.

One will to another
Submitting, accepted
Union and communion
Come Hell or bad weather.

Dependency depends
On independence forgone
Things may soon change
Before time, before long.

Loving God presupposes
Freedom unrehearsed
Freely given and received
Neither fated nor coerced.

Small hand in a large hand
Crossing life’s road
There is a destination
But the goal is not owed.

Grace perfects nature
Or so we are told,
What’s the nature of grace
Is it timid or bold?

Is God’s will irresistible
Are all things predetermined
Even the Evil,
The sin, the vermin?

Even the suffering, diseases
And the deaths?
Then why are we promised
A resurrection, new breaths?

The Spirit’s deposit
Can be misspent.
Apostasy’s possible
And not heaven sent.

Assurance is blessed
But obedience required,
While leaning on the arms
That will never tire.

BW3 May 26, 2015

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