Nova Scotia– Part Two

When I landed in Halifax, I was taken immediately to Victoria’s Inn in Wolfville, where I was to stay all week, and where, clearly, the Queen had never stayed. It is a… wait for it…Victorian Inn converted into a B+B. Once I stepped out of the car at the Inn I was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of lilacs everywhere. The lilacs and the horse chestnuts and much else was all in bloom. It felt much like a Spring day in Kentucky, even though it was early June. It was 70F. ns12


The inside of the Inn is just as appealing as the outside, as you will now see.

The nice thing about taking breakfast before 8 a.m. (which I did), was that there were no calories or cholesterol to be had with the scrambled eggs, the bacon, the French toast, the fruit, the peach juice, the coffee, the toast and jam, the butter….. did I mention French toast! And then there was always second breakfast on offer 🙂

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