Nova Scotia– Part Four

As I mentioned earlier, Nova Scotia is very much like northern New England in terms of terrain and flora and fawn. It is also like northern New England in its little fishing villages full of lobster pots and nets. This little village, called Hall’s Harbor looks almost identical to Rockport in Massachusetts right down to the red barn.

There is also the same rocky and scenic coastline and very very cold water! No swimmers here.
Hall’s Harbor has a nice lobster restaurant which Ginny Evans kindly took me to one evening. We toured around the province a bit as well. The piece of land we were on is shaped like a kidney bean, and it does indeed have some rather steep hills, which they call the north and south mountains. I suppose by Scottish standards they seemed like mountains, even though they are hardly 1,000 feet high. But they do give one some nice views.

Here are some of the vistas from the north mountain….

After enjoying some homemade pistachio gelato, we went and saw one of the dykes the Acadians built so they would have some fertile farm land to use. Turns out today, they are a favorite place to go for a walk with the dog. The nearby Bay of Fundy has the largest turn of tide anywhere in the world. It’s remarkable to watch how the bay goes from very full, to nearly entirely empty in a portion of a day.


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