Paul and Covert Ops


Proving that Paul may not be Harvard’s type, but he is Harvard’s typo is the following discovered by alert reader and colleague Philip Jenkins….

Paul the Covert???

I have to share this.

One of the classic works on Judaism and early Christianity is Alan Segal’s Rebecca’s Children (1986). Through the centuries, debate has raged over exactly what St. Paul was doing when he took the Jesus Movement on its new directions. I am struck, therefore, to find that the Harvard University Press page on Segal’s book lists the relevant chapter in the paperback edition as “Paul the Covert and Apostle.”

I think it’s a typo. Or maybe it’s announcing the agenda for a new era in scholarly research. (Obviously, the error had nothing to do with Segal himself).

As my friend Gregg Roeber remarks, maybe the Gnostics were right after all.

I couldn’t make this up.

Philip Jenkins

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