Come to our Church— and Watch the Fireworks Explode!


Let’s be honest, almost anything is possible in church in Kentucky– snakes, speaking in tongues, being slain in the Spirit…. or alternately, total boredom. I’ve passed the little church whose sign is shown above a million times. It’s on Highway 68 just outside of Wilmore Ky. But this time as a I passed, something was going on on the church lawn that was…. well, not exactly like the persona of this sleepy little country church. I saw the sign heading past the church and did a double take….

They’re selling explosives on the lawn of where the Prince of Peace is worshipped? Yep…. sure enough. Just down from the three crosses on the front lawn. fw2fw3

I mean I’ve seen some blow ups in church, but this is taking things to a whole new level. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how we allow people to bring their guns into church on Sunday here in Kentucky. I suppose this is the next logical step. Nevertheless, I think I’ll stick to my more sedate Methodist Church and leave the cherry bombs to the Missionary Church! I’m just sayin’……

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