Am I Blue?

So we went to visit our Russian gal Yuliya in Chicago, and amazingly enough the weather co-operated. It was not beastly hot, even though it was August. There is a blue theme to this particular post, which includes our visit to Wrigley Field to pull for the Cubs, and also our visit to Briar Theatre to see the ‘men in blue’ by which I do not mean the Chicago police. First a shot of Chicago from the south side, where Yuliya lives.


The baseball game turned out to be a pitcher’s duel, with the Cubs winning 2-0 (though they tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the ninth when they walked the bases full, and then Rendon struck out the side). Here’s us…..

In the carpe diem, not to mention carpe the night as well, mode we went to see the Blue Man Group, housed nicely on the north side of Chicago in the Briar Theatre.

The Blue Man group is one part drum corps, one part science lesson, one part humor, one part audience participation ala Gallagher, and one part mess, and all parts fun. I’ll leave you to decide who looks more blue in the following picture….


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