The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


By now the formula is clear, after several dozen episodes, opening tease and monologue of sorts, usually involving political satire (see above), inventive segments like ‘Get Up in Your Faith’, cool jazz by Jon Batiste and Stay Human, 2 somewhat snarky and almost always funny interviews with over eager Presidential candidates, scientists, actors and actresses, basketball stars etc. (a regular parade of who’s who) and of course, the show ends with a musical guest ranging from Willie Nelson to Don Henley to Rory to straight up rappers to you name it. Most anything is possible but the real star is, without question, Colbert. Gone is his uber-conservative persona we saw on the Colbert Report, but he is just as funny as ever, and offers even more biting commentary on the foibles of our so-called leaders and others. It’s a blast and a half.

Those who feared that being on a major network would lead to the taming of Colbert or that he would not be able to sustain interest for a full hour, can ‘chilax’. All is well with Colbert nation. And with Jon Stewart gone, and other late night hosts not nearly as funny (well…… Conan and Fallon have their moments), we may be thankful we will not go through yet another endless election cycle without the court jester continuing to point out that these would be emperors have little or no clothes… and frankly don’t look very good when Colbert’s rapier wit strips them bare.

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