West Market St. UMC– Part One

In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of my church adventures from the events I did this Fall. I’ll start with West Market St. UMC in Greensboro N.C. where my Mom first joined the Methodist Church. This church has remarkable stained glass windows, which were bought at the Columbus exhibition in Chicago by a representative of the church near the turn of the 20th century. The church itself was built in 1890. This first window is of the ministering angel heading for the cross to carry Jesus’ spirit into the presence of God.

This window is quite rare, in that it depicts Jesus with Mary and Martha in their house.

This will give you some perspective on what several of these windows look like close together. wmc2wmc11

The following four windows are all in a gathering room off to the side of the sanctuary. Not many churches have stained glass windows in rooms other than a sanctuary or a chapel.

While this is not a stained glass window, it is a very interesting painting by a French Artist, entitled the Blind leading the Blind. It resides in a hallway across from the church library.

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