Greensboro and High Point– Part Two

High Point is the home town of yours truly, but also of the most famous sax man of all time— John Coltrane. This post and the next will be about him…… It took a lot of arm twisting, but eventually we got High Point to recognize they needed to recognize Coltrane. Here’s two solid citizens of that N.C. town….

Here is his home on Underhill St. which I gather will soon become a city museum. There is still a lady living there at present.

There is a space in a small city museum in High Point for a Coltrane exhibit, but it was currently under renovation when I was there, though I did get to see the famous piano. Coltrane moved to High Point as an infant from Hamlet N.C. where he was born…..

Here’s a shot of Coltrane in grade school in High Point. See if you can pick him out on the first row. col6
As it turns out, Coltrane and I were both raised Methodists. His grandfather was the Rev. Blair, senior minister of St. Stephen’s AME Zion Church in High Point.

Here’s a little more about the history….of which I will say a good deal more in the next post.

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