Greensboro and High Point– Part Four


My home church is Wesley Memorial Methodist, just off Westchester Dr. on the edge of High Point. When I was born, the church was actually downtown right across from another Methodist Church, First Methodist (the old Methodist Protestant Church), so wisely Wesley Memorial decided to move. The move transpired during the heyday of the furniture industry, and was financed to a large degree by the furniture folks of High Point. And they went all out, as you will now see. The final phase of the building was the main sanctuary, which is extraordinary, with Georgia stone, incredible stained glass windows, and a multi-million dollar organ to boot. Here are some shots. Pay close attention to the windows, which alternate between pictures of Bible stories, and pictures of major figures in Methodist history. The small chapel depicted below with the side shot of the sanctuary has equally gorgeous windows.


The windows in the small chapel are of a different hew. See if you can identify some of the Biblical and Methodist saints in these pictures. gh10gh9gh8gh12gh13

It was a beautiful day when Jason Myers and I visited my home church, so beautiful that they were even selling pumpkins outside in the church yard to raise money for charity. gh14

It’s very difficult to beat a Carolina blue sky day, as both James and Livingston Taylor used to sing.

Here is Livingston’s fine song Carolina Day which you may not know. He was in Chapel Hill when I was there, and would play from time to time. Enjoy!

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