Deep in the Heart of Texas—Tyler Texas

As I’ve already mentioned on this blog, the nice folks at Marvin UMC in Tyler Texas invited me to come and speak there, which I was happy to do. And Doug Baker, the senior minister, and his side kick Russ, and my Asbury student David Dorn showed me around. For example, we went to AT+T stadium which houses remarkable things, including this wall….

And on the way to Tyler (which is east of Dallas about 2 hours), we stopped at that truckstop emporium and miniature Walmart— Buckies! Now I have no clue why it’s called that (see the mascot)—tt2 There were no beavers of any kind in sight except these stuffed little fellers. Buckies sells all manner of things and they were having a sale on smokers (meat smokers that is— not human cigarette fiends). I was sorry I couldn’t fit one of these puppies in my luggage, me being partial to smoked pork and beef.

Mostly however the good folks from Marvin UMC showed me their church, and the following are pictures from it—- it’s a pretty church and a lively one as well.


The most interesting of the stained glass windows is this one, which was so wide I had to take two shots to get it all in….

In case you’re wondering who those folks are, they are Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and I thought the woman might Deborah, instead she represents the church awaiting the Lord, with lamps lit.

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