How to Turn January into a Thriller


Here’s a very nice deal for six of the seven of our archaeological thrillers, courtesy of LOGOS (contact

The Collected Fiction of Ben and Ann Witherington (6 vols.)
The Collected Fiction of Ben and Ann Witherington (6 vols.)
Regular price: $99.99
Pre-Pub: $39.99

“Join Ben Witherington as he combines real-life scholarship and breathtaking adventure.
Immerse yourself in the world of Archaeologist Art West as he embarks on adventures that lead to fantastic biblical discoveries. Ben Witherington applies his expertise in New Testament scholarship to weave tales full of intrigue and action that are rooted in truth. Join a fearless group of scholars and antiquities experts, led by Art West, through six riveting novels that blend the mysteries of the past with the complexities of the Middle East today.”

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