Howard Marshall on Biblical Interpretation

By now, most folk will know that Howard Marshall has gone to be with the Lord a month ago. The following is a lecture by I.H. Marshall given at Acadia University where I taught last summer on hermeneutics or the art of Biblical Interpretation. Howard was a good friend of mine,and like myself, an Evangelical Methodist. At one point he asked me if I would consider applying for the post he was retiring from at Aberdeen. I told him my family probably didn’t have the Scottish fortitude to live in Aberdeen! I loved Howard Marshall and learned a lot from his books, his life, and his friendship. I resonated with his approach to major Biblical and theological issues, always though with critical engagement with all views. If there is a Methodist part of heaven, I am sure he and my mentor Kingsley Barrett are having some interesting discussion now in glory. If it is true that you become what you admire, I hope someday to be as good a Christian and scholar as Howard was.

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