Americana– Waco Style Part One


So whilst here in Waco for six weeks, one has time to sample the local ‘culture’, I use the term loosely. There is indeed culture here at Baylor, but so far as the town goes…. well, there is the food culture. Look closely at the picture above. Yep, the name of that restaurant is Health Camp, proudly serving greasy burgers and onion rings since 1949. On the plus side…. they have about 50 different choices of excellent milk shakes and malts (remember malts?). So when you walk in, you discover that its mostly a take out kind of place, parked on a giant traffic circle off of Lasalle Ave. Here’s a shot of the inside—-

This place has had a lot of loyal customers, like for instance Mr. Ducas, who helped them open the doors in 1949, and then came in EVERY DAY for years….. yikes!

Apparently the food didn’t hurt him any, as the picture is of him at 97!

This place is a throwback in many ways, including it still has a jukebox which places country CDs, a step up from 45s or 8 tracks 🙂

I forgot to mention—- the shake was really good! Only in America…..

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