Southern Discomfort—- You’re Summer Reading is Now Ready!!


Here is an offer you absolutely should not refuse. Available on Kindle already (cut and paste this link into your browser—, my brand new summer beach reading special ‘Southern Discomfort’, available at only $9.99.

In the wake of my bestseller, A Week in the Life of Corinth, I turned, in this novel, to what I know even better than Biblical studies, namely the South, and Southern fiction. If you like Grisham, you will love this. If you like the Southern mystery/thriller/romance genres, you will love this. And at a perfect price and length for your summer pleasure reading. For the men who loved the Art West series of adventures novels you will like this one as well. For the ladies who love all those Karon novels or the Robinson (‘Gilead’) novels or Flannery O’Conner’s ouevre, this novel is also for you. Below is some of the synopsis of the plot and endorsements…..

“Southern Discomfort tells the story of Masey Bumgarner, recently widowed, who returns from her summer vacation to discover that her town, Pineville, North Carolina, has decided to pave a four-lane highway through her front yard . . . without her permission or even sufficient advance notice. After consultation with her pastor, she decides to contest the location of this project in court. Along the way, her lawyer and his detective discover all sorts of shady dealings. Southern Discomfort chronicles the graft and corruption that is revealed in the court case–and the desperate acts of the proponents of the highway to keep the project on course. Along the way, there is a murder, a romance, and finally a wedding, in addition to the resolution of the court case.”


“Southern Discomfort wraps itself around you like a blanket, then warms you from the inside out, as you find yourself in a rollicking good story where a little church and the Bible make occasional but unabashed appearances, as happens in the real world but not in many novels.”
–James Howell, Senior Minister, Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte

“Southern Discomfort has narrative suspense, a wide range of characters, and amusing dialogue. It’s an entertaining story of a little old lady’s fight against the dirty tricks of a political-industrial conspiracy.”
–Christopher M. Armitage, Bowman and Gordon Gray Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

SOOOOO…. WHAT ARE YOUR WAITING FOR, Kindle is calling you (also available in paperback at the Wipf and Stock website at a very generous discount).

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